Boiler Repairs, Servicing & Installation In Surbiton

Surbiton boiler repairs, servicing and plumbing

At Surrey Boiler Ltd, we are dedicated to providing our Surbiton customers with a range of first class services from boiler repair and installation to general plumbing maintenance.  We have worked in Surbiton for many years and enjoy what this peaceful residential town has to offer.

We understand that boiler related issues in the home or workspace can be particularly disruptive, and therefore we deal with each case as a matter of urgency. Our team are Gas Safe Registered engineers that are highly skilled and experienced.  What this means for property owners is that you can feel satisfied knowing that your repairs and servicing is carried out safely by an engineer that is certified to do the work.

Surbiton boiler repair

If your boiler has broken down, or maybe it’s making strange noises or you’ve noticed cold spots in your radiators then we’re on hand to help you resolve the problem. We work to be there in the sudden event of any sudden boiler issue. Our expert team of engineers carry out safe boiler repairs to your boiler or other heating system to help keep it running like it should.

At Surrey boilers we will always try and repair your boiler before we suggest buying a new heating system. If in the event that your boiler is not worth repairing, we can advise you on all cost-effective heating solutions to suit your home. And, when you’ve decided on a new one, we will be there to install it.

Heating and boiler servicing

We also provide routine boiler servicing in Surbiton for any existing boiler system to ensure it operates at the right efficiency.  Boiler servicing should be carried out annually to prevent problems and keep your boiler running all year round. By maintaining its efficiency you can prolong the boilers lifespan and it will help to reduce your heating bills.

Surbiton is a lively suburban area packed with homeowners and landlords. If you’re renting out your property we can work with you to ensure your boilers are up to standard and comply with landlord regulations. Regular servicing also enables us to catch faults before they become too costly.

General plumbing services in Surbiton

Alongside our boiler installation and repairs, we also offer expert general plumbing services. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are on hand to cover everything from burst pipes and radiators to blocked drains and leakages. We understand that your appliances or heating systems may not show any warning signs before they break down.  That’s why we consider every case as a matter of urgency and aim to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

At Surrey boilers we believe in a fixed pricing strategy for our boiler repairs in Surbiton, so you won’t be hit with any hidden charges. We’ll make sure you know the exact costing before we start on any job.