Combi boilers

Combi boilers explained

What is a combo boiler?

A Combination boiler or Combi boiler as it is known is one of the most commonly installed gas central heating appliances. They are ideal for the majority of small to medium sized homes, heating cold water instantaneously as it passes through the boiler on its way to your hot tap, this has many benefits with the main ones listed below-

  • No hot water storage cylinder removing you airing cupboard creating extra potential storage space in your home
  • A combination boiler does not store water so there will never be any left over hot water that will cool down and be unused/ wasted- This will save you money!
  • Hot water demand is only on when you open the tap creating better efficiency and saving you money
  • Combi boilers are much cheaper to install due to less material being used
  • Labour costs are much less for a combination boiler installation compared to a unvented cylinder
  • These boilers can easily fit within most modern kitchen cupboards they can hide away neatly out of site

Surrey boilers are specialised in combination boiler installs, We pride ourselves in delivering a top quality service to all of south west London and Surrey.

We are Vaillant accredited installers giving us the opportunity to offer our customers extended guarantees of up to 10 years this gives our customers peace of mind that the products we are installing are top of the range.

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